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Blokart chasis

Blokart chasis


The blokart chasis is made from anti-corrosive, 304 stainless steel ensuring it is durable, rust resistant and easy to clean, just give it a hose down after sailing. Each Blokart comes with maintenance tips, a one year manufacturer's warranty and instructions for assembly in a matter of minutes without any special tools. Our karts transport easily and can be fully packed down, (including a mast and sail), into its own carry bag that measures just 0.78 by 1.18 meters. Carry bags are included free with every blokart chasis purchase. This means our sailors can fit their karts into a car trunk for weekends away, or as checked airplane baggage for worldwide competitions.

Buyers can pick up items from our commercial blokart track in Pages Rd, Bexley, Christchurch; or request a quote for packaging and courier to anywhere in New Zealand.

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