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Frequently Asked Questions

Between May 20th and July 2nd 2023  we are open for weekends only

  • When are you open?
    Bookings are essential. Between 30th May and 28th June 2024 we will be closed Monday to Friday Mon - call to book* Tues - call to book* Wed - call to book* Thu - from 12pm Fri - from 12pm Sat - from 12pm Sun - from 12pm * Call us about opening outside of normal hours
  • Do I need to book?
    Yes bookings are essential.
  • Is it difficult to sail a blokart?
    Most people take to blokarting within minutes. Our youngest to solo in a blokart is 7yrs and the oldest to date is 86yrs! You will be shown a brief instructional DVD before starting and our instructors will be on track at all times to assist when needed. We often say we could teach your grandmother to sail a blokart, with one recent reply: you already did!
  • How fast do the karts go?
    Blokarts: This really depends on the conditions and how fast you want to go. We have a range of sails to suit sailor size and confidence and can easily change sails during a session to get you moving faster or slower. Driftkarts: These karts are all about achieving stylish sideways drift around a circuit and learning to control it. The karts have plenty of grunt but our instructors will actively ensure that racing and collisions of any kind are avoided. If it's speed and competition you're after we suggest blokarting.
  • What if the weather is bad on the day?
    Firstly a typical "bad weather day" does not exist with blokart. If the wind is blowing it is a good day for blokarting. We only need the slightest of breeze, however, in the unlikely event that there is absolutely no wind on your rental day give us a call prior to coming out. If the wind is too strong for safe sailing we may temporarily close the blokart track. Driftkarts will not operate in wet conditions.
  • What should I bring?
    We recommend a comfortable pair of closed-in shoes, sunblock, warm clothing, a water bottle and sunglasses. A helmet, gloves and/or elbow pads are provided.
  • How safe are the karts?
    Blokarts: This is probably the safest sail sport on the planet! The instructors will size your sail based on the conditions, your size and confidence. If you are a little nervous just tell the instructor and they will set up your kart with a smaller sail. Assuming you follow instructions and use a little common sense blokarts are very safe. If you do tip over, provided you follow instructions you will be fine. Driftkarts: We restrict participation to 12yr+ and/or a minimum height of 140cm. This is mainly because they are operated from a kneeling posion over a central seat, requiring a certain minimum leg length. The karts are very easy to operate and heaps of fun.
  • Is food and drink available?
    Food and drink are not available for sale but you are welcome to bring a picnic or have takeways delivered. We have outdoor seats and tables and there are a range of additional free activities including volleyball, petanque and Molki/Kubb.
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