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5.5m Sail With Rigging

5.5m Sail With Rigging


The big 5.5m sail allows for sailing in a very light breeze. Example: Adults (60-80kg): approx 5-15 knots Children (30-50kg): approx 3-10 knots. . Sails are supplied with Battens, Boom, Sheet Rope and Pulley Whip, all packed into a sail bag. The use of Ultra Carbon two lower mast sections is recommended, but this will move competitors to the Performance class. Talk to us about the best mast combination for you. Colours: Blue, Orange, Black or Lime Yellow

Buyers can pick up items from our commercial blokart track in Pages Rd, Bexley, Christchurch; or request a quote for packaging and courier to anywhere in New Zealand.

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