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with a SUSTAINABLE twist!
Blokarts, Driftkarts & Human Foosball
Three Choices Of Outrageous Fun
  • Unique to New Zealand with a zero carbon footprint. 

  • Harness the Canterbury winds

  • under the instruction of our trained staff and we'll have you sailing in no time.

  • We have a range of gear to suit theconditions and your level of confidence.

  • Super easy and safe.

  • Suitable for ages 8 and above or trythe tandem option for younger children or those not ready to go it alone.


Harness Nature's Power


Get Sideways in Style

  • Slip and slide around our smooth concrete track.

  • A unique Kiwi invention, these electric karts provide an experience like no other.

  • Suitable for ages 12 & above.

  • Height restrictions apply.

  • Test your skill and style and learn vehicle control in a safe setting.

Human Foosball

Kick It!

  • Just like table soccer, only you are ON the table, and YOU kick the ball!

  • Ideal for groups of 6 and above.

  • Brilliant fun for parties, work functions, families and teambuilding events.

  • A perfect add-on to our other activities, or just bring a group of mates and kick back.



Bookings are Essential

From 30th May to 28th June we are closed Monday to Friday

 **Call us to discuss opening outside of normal hours


  Mon  - by appointment**

  Tue   - by appointment**

  Wed  - by appointment**

  Thur - from 1pm

  Fri    - from 1pm

  Sat   - from 12pm

  Sun  - from 12pm

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